Schools are a second home for the kids where they learn the values for spending rest of their lives. Schools are the places where kids get their first ever interaction with the world. Their first grooming place no doubt is the home where they are born. Schools are second to it and teachers are their second parents. Their grooming from home plays a vital role however their schooling puts life in their personality. They get polished, learn trades and after that they decide which path they have to follow.


Over the time, schooling systems have evolved a lot. There are numerous systems which even left you confused in deciding what to follow and what not to follow. This is a hard decision which is to be made by the parents. Right after the birth of their child, they start thinking about the school to which they want to send their child. Aforementioned, schooling systems matters a lot in training and grooming of the children. Their foundations and mechanism set the future of many kids.


Many schools merely focus on academics by giving least importance to extra-curricular activities. Their strength although becomes the academics but they badly fail in sports or extra-curricular competitions. Sound body and a sound mind are linked with each other. Taking test and exams all the time and all the season, makes students over burdened and they eventually collapse. They get de-tracked and become a liability.

Extra-curricular activities form the foundation of a schooling system. They should be given equal importance and weightage with academics. This must not be 30:70. It should be 50:50. Extra-curricular activities make students schooling joyous and healthy. They will love to spend their time happily at schools rather than at their homes. This will also lose the burden which is on their parents. Three days a week should be for activities while three for studies.


Extra-curricular activities include trips to other institutions, historic sites, recreational spots etc. Game competitions and sports gala also forms part of these activities. Celebration of national and international days should be done. Cultural and religious activities should be followed. This gives students a chance of expressing themselves at school level which they later on carry with them and represent them at higher levels.

Physical activities like sports and games make the students fit and active. Their body and mind grow equally and they get a good routine. They should be given all games related stuff and should be instructed by the game teacher properly. Their stay at school should be a good one which they can relish throughout their lives. Planning of trips to other cities and schools make the students to explore new opportunities to meet their age fellows from different backgrounds and setups. They share their experiences and feelings. A recreational trip creates a memory which remains in their minds throughout their lives.

Students might not remember who was with them during their exams or who sat next to them during their tests. What they remember is, who was with them when they visited a recreational spot, who was with them when they had a final match for their school football team. These extra-curricular activities make their school journey charming and everlasting. These activities create a very strong impact on their minds. They start thinking out of box and become a keen observer.


Schooling authorities should enforce the policy for the extra-curricular activities that should be regularly checked. Parents to prefer those schools which have these policies in their manifesto. Authorities should devise a mechanism in which schools not following these activities should be shut down. Parents should be aware of these kinds of things as well. They should take their kids only to those institutions which prefer extra-curricular activities.


A healthy body can adjust with a health mind. Physical fitness is the aspect which remains neglected specially in educational institutions and later on becomes the major reason for many diseases and health related problems. These activities not only keep the kids in a healthy condition but remains equally good for their body shaping. Obesity, a very rare thing nowadays, should have controlled if we had proper physical activities during our stay at schools, colleges and universities.


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