Classrooms are the place where kids are taught lessons which they carry through out their lives. They become professional and a respective citizen founding their roots made out of those values and manners, they got in their classrooms. Managing a class of people from different ethnic groups, backgrounds and temperaments is not an easy job. A professional classroom management requires patience, knowledge, moral character and above all punctuality. In UK, teachers follow and implement all these values and in return they get an effective and efficient classroom where they teach and groom generations.


It is said, “if you want to change the world, change yourself first”. Having said that, it is very important for the teachers to properly manage their routines first. For that purpose, they are required to take proper sleep and proper diet. Their health is as important as their students have. Teachers need to be very confident and relaxed in their decision making. They have to undergo a series of decision-making processes every day. They can not be stressed out neither they can pend the decision at that particular moment. If a teacher does not take right decision at the moment, then it does not matter how well he/ she prepared last night. It is very rightly said that, a moment of silence in a moment of tensed situation saves you a hundred moment of regrets.

In UK and UAE, idea of self-care is very important for the teachers. Although it does not fall under classroom management but it is more related to own well being of a teacher. First and the foremost thing which is required for classroom management is the self-care of the teachers. This enables them to deliver perfectly what they are supposed to deliver. Teachers need to take care of themselves for the group of students which always look towards them in following a path set by the teachers. Self-care makes teachers the most powerful decision makers.


Another aspect in managing classroom is the teacher-student relationship. Overall environment of the classroom largely depends on the relation between teachers and students. A healthy teacher-student relationship is a sign of perfect classroom environment and a combined success in the end. Overall result and repute of the class depends on the conduct of their teacher. There is always a favorite teacher in every school or college. Small traits performed by the teachers make them famous amongst the students. A tiny example is teacher greeting the students outside the classroom. The wah he/ she will greet students, will become a memory and joy for the students who in return will generously follow everything told by their teacher.


A teacher can not be a friend with student. Teachers have to set the boundaries under which they have to interact with their students. These borders play a vital role in effective classroom management. Teachers don’t make pals. They are teachers and they should remain so. Teachers can’t overrun their own decisions. They have to be firm, assertive and authoritative. Once they say anything, it should be taken as the last word. No ifs and buts after that. An attitude which a teacher carries inside classroom matters the most. It sets the pace and environment of a classroom.


Teachers become successful when they make hardest kid of their class as their favorite kid. This requires a very strong approach but sets the values which never fades away. No student ever said that he/ she don’t want to become successful. It is the job of teacher to take hardest and misbehaving kids with them and turn them into a successful favorite kid. There must be a reason of their misbehaving which is to be identified by the teacher.

Teachers should never forget that every student is someone’s child and they will never hear anything negative about him/ her. All they want is to explore positive aspects of the kid’s personality. Parents never want to hear anything negative about their kids even if its true. This should be understood by teachers. They should interact with parents in getting any useful information regarding their kids which will assist the teacher in good management of their classrooms.


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