The better question: How can we improve inclusive education?

The better question: How can we improve inclusive education?

According to a lot of events, IDEA’s passage clearly stated that there is requirement of a huge push towards inclusive education for invalid and disable children. Most importantly, it is ordered by Supreme Court to have a quick decision against the segregated educational system on the basis of color. In the same years, the same matter went on for disable kids as well.

Due to a lot of unfavorable conditions, finally, the parents speak their heart out. They advocated a lot of complaints against the unfair rulings for disable kids. They highlighted the mistreatment of children with disabilities in institutions and they are not given any proper attention.

However, the federal appellate courts ordered in favor of such children and their parents. According to this system of court, it is the right of all the parents to get their selves secured on matter of their kids. The federal appellate stated that children having disabilities also have the right to get educated under normal and equal circumstances. They should be given equal protection as the other children got.

During a debate over IDEA, Congressman C.D. Daniel delivered a very important and optimistic point. He highlighted the effects of educating disable children. According to him;

“Lessons of patience and understanding the ability to encouragements are just as valuable as traditional education is. Lessons to the future citizens also depend on the same scenario.”

-Misrepresentations of students with disabilities

According to Gilmour, the students having several disabilities are fundamentally different from students who are not having any inch of disability in their personality. As a result of this discussion, this is to be informed that those special and different students having some sort of disabilities also require fundamentally different education, special treatment and placement.

Though, it is also a reality that many students facing disabilities have some other unique skills that emerges from their disabilities. People having this common assumption regarding that these kinds of children needs to get separated from educational system or they needs to be removed from general education are totally wrong and mistaken.

The major point that distinguishes these students from other students is that; they are eligible to receive special services in school. In general, teachers, parents or principals refer a student for special services only when he or she is facing any serious difficulty regarding studies or school.

It is an important point to be noted that, this rule does not falls only for those students who are failing continuously. There is a proper team for such task. The team indicates that the child has one of the 13 categories of disability. Only this will prove that the student needs proper special services in education.

Even the students having disabilities can be deemed ineligible for special education until and unless the team decides that whether the student needs this special service or not. So, most importantly, these kinds of students are to be referred only by this team. This team consists of many eligible and professional members who can observe and judge each and every student regarding their abilities and disabilities.

-Inclusion and student outcomes

According to Gilmour, the research on inclusion regarding students and its outcome is methodologically flawed. It is not right to say that inclusion causes improved outcomes, rather it is observed that students with disabilities and are indulged with normal students have better outcomes.

In other fields, co-relational proves have been used to maintain different policy actions. For example, public health depends on co-relational studies because in a lot of instances, this is one of the best proofs that can be required. Co-relational evidence of the relation and connection between lung cancer and smoking or any other heart disease are relatively be printed as warning labels on the cigarette boxes.

However, denying the results that are already being printed on the boxes can cause a lot of damage. It is a dangerous act to avoid such information regarding health.

-The real value of an Ecological Perspective

There is an alternative way to consider the ecology of the classroom. It proves to be very useful approach for research if it is considered to be framed properly. It should be noted by the faculty of teachers that every student should get equal amount of attention whether or not they have been identified for special education.


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